Luxury is often associated with something expensive and something that a reasonable person will not want to buy. But SAA believes that Luxury means “Being Authentic”. Luxury is just not about the following trends. It is about being true to yourself and setting that authenticity as an example.

SAA is the story of a student named Ashmit Sharma. Ashmit’s parents could not provide him with enough financial support to finish his education. But he was strong-willed and not ready to give up. He decided to take matters in his hands to fund his education. He made up his mind to attend school during day time and work during the night. However, he wanted to give wings to his entrepreneurial spirit and not go for a regular part-time job.

With a desire to start something of his own, he started looking for ideas. But ideation is a long process, and meanwhile, like any other kid of his age, Ashmit was living his life – going out with friends, attending college and meeting his friends. While he used to be out with his friends, he used to forget all about his financial problems. For those few hours, he firmly believed that all is going to be exceptional in his life. He always felt that his lifestyle is not going to change, no matter how bad the crisis is.

Ashmit started acted on his strong feelings and began to look for answers within him. He tried his best to reach out to his authentic self. He started asking himself questions – “What makes him happy?” and “What makes his eyes twinkle?” And soon he realised that he had a keen eye for details when it came to leather, and at the same time, owning a leather product gave him a sense of pride, confidence, and optimism. And this became his eureka moment as he decided to start an online store for leather products.

But starting an online business as not a child’s play. The biggest hurdle was to find the right material in a limited budget. Ashmit did not want to compromise on the quality and wanted to work with high grain leather. He wanted to create a luxury brand and compromising on quality was totally out of the question. While looking out of material and workers, it was his luck to meet a few skilled workers. They had also been through their share of hardships in life. And they decided to help him in his endeavor. In 2017, everyone came together like a family, and thus, SAA Exclusive was born.

Soon SAA Exclusive grew to new heights owing to the hard work and the right training. And since then, there is no looking back. SAA has been producing the highest quality leather products that you can come across. And SAA could achieve all this in such a short period because it stayed true to its motto of “Being Authentic”.

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