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The Body

Colour: Tanned brown (outside); Coffee brown (inside)
Skin: Feather soft and shiny, pure grain leather; light on hands
Built: Standard
Functions: Can hold 8+ cards; 3 access slots; stylish 2 flat bill sections
Dimension: 120mm x 90mm
Environment: Woven in eco-friendly threads
Protection: RFID protected

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Why SAA?

SAA Exclusive believes in the ideology “Less is more.“ We design products that are trendy yet steady, sleek, yet spacious and simple yet classy.


SAA Exclusive ships to the customers all across the globe, so we can ship to anywhere with a letterbox.


We know that we are obsessed with the quality of our products, and we keep boasting about it. But it is not just all plain words. Our belief in the product gives us the confidence to provide our customers with a warranty. SAA exclusive offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase of the product.


Grain Hunter Leather Standard Wallet 

The Soul

As you slide your hands inside your pocket, you itch to feel the smooth core of this leather. You carry a little piece of personal art with you. Hold this pure grain hunter leather wallet and you know that the artisan has enjoyed crafting this masterpiece.  Flip it open and it’s a wonderland. Carefully cut card windows, meticulously crafted dollar blocks ooze of a master craftsmanship. The laser cutting method bestows this wallet a perfect finish and a vintage style. Your hands will itch to go back to the pockets.


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